2016 Mixed Season - Information Pack

Let's get the season started!

ABH are going to have a great season and it all starts with Mixed Tour. This page contains key information on topics such as: Club Objectives; Squad Structure & Team Goals; Selection Criteria; Key Dates and (last but not least) Contact Names.

We, the Captains (David & Sarah), hope that what you read below ignites your passion and makes you want to sign up to play with us this year. The deadline for doing so is Monday the 22nd of February.

If you have any questions or concerns then please just let us know!

Club Objectives

Firstly: when we say that we're a fun, spirited club we mean it. We work hard to make sure that we create an environment where everyone feels welcome, enjoys themselves and develops their game in a manner which they desire. We want to support you; no matter whether:

  • You're a relative beginner & looking to learn.
  • You're happy with your skill level / come party just for the social fun.
  • You know what you're doing, but want to improve.
  • You're a bad ass international champion.
Secondly: we want to reaffirm the reputation that ABH is a highly skilled, competitive mixed team at a national level. We are blessed with talented individuals and believe that the quality is in place to have a team finish within the top 15 clubs in the country this season (likely between 10 and 15).

Squad Structure & Team Goals

In order to meet our objectives we plan on creating three teams. Yes, Three is a lot & it's ambitious. We've come to this number based on the level of interest expressed to us thus far this year. If we don't get the numbers signed up then we'll have to amend the number of teams, and their goals in turn.

Assuming all is well, each team will have a different focus, expectation of skill level and set of tactics. Names matter not, but in keeping with our club name, we'll call them Alpha, Beta and Hammer.

Name Focus Goal
Alpha Will be our most competitive team and should be a good match for those who want to adopt advanced tactics, learn from each other and place highly at tour. Final tour standing in the top 15.
Beta Should be a team suited to those who (either) are experienced and wish to compete with friends, or are developing their game at an intermediate level. Final tour standing in the top 25.
Hammer Is a team for players to develop under the guidance of experienced players who themselves are perhaps only able to attend 1 of the tour dates, or wish to progress their coaching/captaining skill set. Noticeably developed skill levels.

Training & Extended Practices

Practice puts brains in your muscles. Yes sir. We'll run weekly training sessions on Sundays (in Hyde Park) from 12 sharp until 3pm. Note though: we are flirting with the idea of starting earlier in the morning as to free up the afternoon for other life events (like relationships).

We're also going to run 3 Extended Practices this season. These are special as they're held at Bacon's College, an awesome 3G facility which allows us to perfect our tactics/footwork on a flat, mudless field. We like to take advantage of the conditions whenever we can.

We expect Alpha & Beta players to make the majority of Sunday training sessions, along with 2 out of 3 of the extended practices. In turn we want Hammer players to let us know which aspect of their game they want to improve on, so that we can design sessions to address that.

Selection Criteria

Which team do you want to play for? This is definitely the first question to ask yourself because, as we said before, we want to support you in your season goals.

As captains we'll be selecting players for teams based on:

  1. Personal team preference (Alpha, Beta or Hammer).
  2. Decision making (hint: always do the best thing for the team).
  3. Skill / Fitness level (can you throw in the wind & play hard through tour weekends?).
  4. Practice attendance.
  5. Attitude to others.

We aim to be as open and honest about team selection, letting you know as a soon as we can what team you will be on for tour. We aim to provide this feedback by the 13th of March. We expect you to help us do this effectively by attending trainings/extended practices and letting us know your tour availability asap!

Key Dates

Exact practice times and locations are detailed in the Season Calendar, but at a high level the following dates are worth noting in your diaries today:

When What Where
Mar 5th @15:00PM Extended Practice (Note it's a Sat) Bacon's College (Map)
Mar 13th @10:30PM Extended Practice Bacon's College (Map)
Mar 20th @TBC London Friendly Tournament TBC
Apr 2nd & 3rd Mixed Tour #1 Llanrumney Fields, Cardiff (Map)
Apr 17th @12:30PM Extended Practice Bacon's College (Map)
Apr 23rd & 24th Mixed Tour #2 TBC
May 14th & 15th Mixed Tour #3 TBC
Jul 30th & 31st UKU London Regionals TBC
Aug 20th & 21st UKU Nationals Southampton

So sign up!

That's the spirit! You sexy beast, you. Fill in the google form below before Monday the 22nd of February.

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Contact Us

We're help to help you out. Please use the table below to choose who best to reach out to.

Who What For How
Mixed Captains Questions about season goals, practices or team selection. Email David & Sarah
Coaches All matters about tactics and technique. Speak to: James Nicoll, Dan Currie, Lawrence Ramsey, Jon Usherwood or Ed Lee.
Club Presidents Kit. Concerns. General hugs. Email Mara & Rupert
Club Treasurer Membership & tournament fees. Email Ed
Social Secretary All things fun! Email Derek

Seriously. Fill in the form already!

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Oh no! What if I'm reading this after February the 22nd?

No stress! We're impressed you found the page! Please email the captains using the link above to say hi and let us know who you are. We're sure we can sort something out, or maybe even point in the way of a club who are looking to onboard players during the season. Seriously - just let us know :)

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