Thinking Defensively

Are you defensively minded? For the sake of your team you need to be. Teams who aren't so remove their ability to control the outcome of a game, as the only hope of their opponents turning over is reliant on them making an unforced error. We don't want to be one of those teams.

The good news is that it's easy to be a great defensive player on a strong defensive team. Sure, it can feel tiring, but if we're efficient in our effort then all we need are short, dedicated bursts of energy and a LOT of mental discipline. We all have it in us. This page aims to introduce some key pointers for us to bring into our games throughout the season.

Bringing our D game

As a player you're going to find yourself in one of two situations:

  1. Forcing a handler
  2. Shadowing a cutter
The skills & discipline required for each of these greatly differs, but there's a wealth of information on the internet that'll teach us what these are and how to apply them. Let's have a look at some of these below.

Forcing a handler

Ben Wiggins is a frisbee god. A former Callahan winner, he now spends his time as the main coach behind the Rise Up series, as well as winning Windmill for fun (no-one uses hammer throws better than him). Thankfully for us there's a video where he walks through the concepts & importance of the triangle mark approach. Check it out - he explains things 1,000 times better than I ever could.

Shadowing a cutter

The most important thing in this situation is to always stay close to your cutter on the open side. Here, Opi Payne (see her credentials) is marked well by a teammate who is moving her hips throughout to stay close and force the handler to throw a difficult pass (if at all). The hip rotation is what enables you to stay on top; it provides you with the optimal means to react.

Get yourself a defensive hero

I'd recommend Stanley Peterson. The man is a defensive beast for the very best mens teams out there (Colorado Mamabird, Denver's Johnny Bravo and now team USA).

Check out the video below - which is absolute defensive frisbee porn. In a single point Stanley manages to get a layout hand block on his end zone line before scoring on a deep cut on the other end. Connor Matthews also throws in a sexy layout D between two players to boot! So hot.

In the same game he also layout blocked Dylan Freechild 6ft in the air from behind (watch it here) and (my favourite) he also put some ridiculous pressure on Gagan Chatha during U23 Worlds last summer (watch it too).

So, to summarise

Get onto the field with your fundamentals in mind and your Stanley Peterson game face on. See you there!

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